2020 Year End Tax Updates

This past year has been like no other. Obviously, the Covid crisis has been front and center in politics and the economy. The other complication is the tax code. Because of Covid and the fall out of the economy, there have been many tax law changes that took effect in 2020. In this newsletter, I […]

2019 Year End Tax Letter

End of the Year Tax Tips As we head towards the end of the year, I have a few tax tips that might save you a few bucks in taxes and also keep you out of trouble. Here you go: Business Deductions For business owners, you may consider accelerating deductions at the end of the […]

May 2019 Newsletter

Is Tax Planning for You? For the majority of taxpayers tax planning is not a requirement. Most taxpayers have basic tax situations in which they are an employee and have a W-2, some investment income, and maybe a few deductions. In those cases tax planning is probably not warranted. However, there are some taxpayers that […]

How to prepare for your tax appointment.

Personal information What should I bring? Let’s start with the basics: Last year’s taxes, both your federal and — if applicable — state return. These aren’t strictly necessary, but they’re good refreshers of what you filed last year and the documents you used. Social Security numbers for yourself, your spouse and all dependents. Remember, in addition to children, […]

2018 Year End Newsletter

End of the Year Tax Tips As we head towards the end of the year I have a few tax tips that might save you a few bucks in taxes and also keep you out of trouble. Here you go. Business Deductions For business owners you may consider accelerating deduction at the end of the […]

September 2018 – Newsletter

Taking Time to Organize Your Books The pace of running a business is intense. There is always something coming at you, and the last thing you want to deal with is billing, payments, reconciling bank accounts, etc. Believe me, I completely understand. The problem is that I have seen businesses end up paying more in […]

June 2018 – Newsletter

2018 Tax Outlook: Big Changes in Place!     If you blinked, you might have missed it! Late last year, Washington passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 — the biggest tax overhaul in 31 years. It was so long ago that Ronald Reagan was still in the White House. Matlock, Alf, and […]

2017 Year End Newsletter

Tax Reform Act What It Means For You The recently passed tax legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and was signed into law on December 22, 2017, is the most comprehensive change to the tax code in more than 30 years. It contains a large number of provisions that affect individual taxpayers […]

Newsletter – May 2017

The Epidemic of Tax Cheating Nobody likes to pay taxes. I don’t. You probably don’t. But as the old axiom states, the two facts of life are death and taxes. Now we do have some control about our reaction to taxes. We can whine and complain about the amount of taxes that we pay. We […]

Tax Survey Winner!

Congratulations! Our clients, David & Eva Garley, were the lucky winners of the Carlson Tax Consultants $100 gift card Tax Survey Drawing! Thanks to all of you who participated in our survey.  We received nearly 60 responses, and we greatly appreciate your feedback.  It is reassuring to see so many positive comments, and it inspires […]